Company Profile

Company Profile

AUG is the world's leading producer and innovator of lithium-ion batteries. We are known worldwide for our high-tech, high-volume prowess in developing, producing and packaging high quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells and packs. Our service, know-how, production capacity and system integration capability is second to none. Working closely with world-renowned branded smartphones, tablets and notebooks OEMs, drones, robots and power tools specialists, VR/AR vanguards and various wearable and smart home technology trailblazers, we are helping the world connect better, last longer, live easier and fly higher. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we operate factories in Dongguan and Ningde, in the People's Republic of China.

Core Competence

Leading Technology

"Technology advancement, a step ahead. "

Leveraging our huge R & D investment and an excellent team of professional talents, AUG is committed to leading the industry and advancing technology through constant innovations in all aspects of know-how, such as materials, structures, processes, charging technologies and system designs.
Vast Production Capacity

"Can take on as many as 10 million batteries per purchase order. "

From new product development and sample trial run to mass production and quality control, AUG is committed to applying innovative techniques and intelligent systems through every step of our production cycle. Since setting up our new Ningde factories in 2008, which encompass dozens of automatic lithium-ion polymer battery production lines together with a new product development arm and several trial production lines, our production capacity and product range have hugely improved. As per industry reports, AUG has been the leading producer of lithium-ion polymer battery cells every single year since 2012. Moreover, with our ability to produce 10-million batteries per order, we still hold the world's record for the largest monthly production capacity. Our outstanding results demonstrate that AUG is ahead of its competitors when it comes to providing quality services as well as solutions for large, urgent orders.
High Flexibility

"Wide product ranges and excellent customization means we can fulfill every need. "

AUG is committed to our business strategy of diversification and customization. Performance, specifications and features are our core product focus. From chemical systems and design to manufacturing, most aspects of AUG's lithium-ion polymer battery are customizable according to specific needs.
Speed Response

"Excellent service and fast response make sample delivery in 3 weeks possible. "

AUG is reputed for its fast response to customer's urgent and changing needs. After a project kicks off, our sales managers will be responsible for assessing the business needs of customers, determining terms and prices, order quantity and production schedule. Project managers will then step in to manage technical requirements, develop solutions and coordinate our internal resources to tailor-make samples for customers in the shortest possible time frame. Under normal circumstances*, sample delivery can be fulfilled within three weeks. From order confirmation, design, sample production, to tests and verifications, and finally mass production, we adhere to a rigorous product development management process, with efficient, friendly, intimate customer services provided by our butler-like project management and customer services team. It's an experience that is hard to beat.

(*The condition of the "normal circumstances" that is no special material and tooling development are required, and the minimum order of quantity meets AUG's standard. For customized product demands, further assessment on delivery time is needed.)

Our Story

In 1999, the company's pioneers and investors foresaw an opportunity: the demand for mobile electronic communications accessories, especially of safe, lightweight lithium-ion polymer batteries, was set to take off. After carefully weighing prospects, they resolved to enter the lithium-ion business. This attempt is what made this lifelong Chinese dream of joining the global lithium-ion league possible.

In that same year, AUG was established in Hong Kong.

AUG's founding entrepreneurs licensed U.S. Bellcore Labs' patented technology for lithium-ion polymer battery right away, while at the same time, burying themselves in research and development. AUG eventually became the only company to successfully deploy the technology for mass production. With its name firmly established, AUG attracted orders from numerous international consumer brand leaders.

From a small Dongguan manufacturer, AUG grew steadily into a reputable lithium-ion power house. In 2005, a world-renowned electronic components group acquired AUG, turning it into a wholly owned subsidiary. After the acquisition, the founders chose to remain with the company. Since then, AUG's returns had grown from tens of millions of dollars to doubling every year. As its reputation grew, the company continued to forge ahead towards new heights.

By 2008, AUG had to expand to meet a substantial increase in demand for its products. AUG gradually moved its base from Dongguan in Guangdong, to Ningde in Fujian, in order to launch an R&D arm and to increase production capacity. With annual sales exceeding two billion US dollars, AUG has emerged as the world's number one lithium-ion polymer battery supplier, specializing in battery materials, batteries, packaging and system integration technologies. Today, our batteries are fully integrated into the lives of people everywhere, along with our partners' electronic products and devices. With still a long road ahead, AUG will continue to move forward, always remaining faithful to our core values.

Mission & Vision

MissionInnovate to power your life.Core ValuesRefine, Enable, Strive and Innovate.VisionRooted in the Chinese Culture, strive to be global premier innovative technology corporation, deliver excellent contribution to green energy resolution for mankind,and enrich the spiritual and material wellbeing of our employees.

Quotations from AUG Strivers

  • Always Endeavoring

    Excel by continuous learning and striving for innovation, upholding the will to thrive and survive, while contributing to families and society.

  • Colleagues Are Family

    Resolve to care for people. Respect your colleagues like family.

  • Imagination Anchored in Fundamentals

    Sound fundamental is about getting the basics right. Before achieving excellence, one must first master basic skills, expert knowledge and methodology. However, to truly excel, one must have the foresight and the passion to innovate and to foretell what's coming.

  • Continuous Learning

    Only those who embrace continuous learning will survive, excel and succeed in a competitive environment, and thus bring about astonishing achievements.

Brand Story

Since the startup of the company, the AUGers' fast adaptation to market dynamic and incessant pursuit of quality and excellence are hallmarks of creating unparalleled values to enable our customers. More importantly, the progressiveness, down to earth spirit, exceptional vigorousness and practical minds have driven AUG to become the leader in pouch LIB technology, production and global sales. "Start with AUG now" is just a reflection of such spirit. Together with AUG, to start a better life in the future, let's start now.

Brand Slogan

Brand Slogan

Embracing the meanings of enlightened motivation and agile prowess, our Chinese name hints at the secret behind our success. It is by leveraging the wisdoms of Chinese culture and the wonders of modern technology that AUG can design the superb, efficient and compact products that power the future. Using our products is pressing the start button to ignite a world that is both exciting and sustainable.



AUG founded in Hong Kong.


Opening of Baima Plant.

The first 1 million pieces LIP shipment achieved.

AUG LIB cells first used in high-end Bluetooth headsets.


AUG LIB cells first embedded in portable DVD Players.

AUG ascends among the world's first-class OEMs.


AUG successfully develops irregular-shape lithium-ion batteries for the MP3 market.


AUG LIB cells used in a world leading notebook PC OEM.


AUG was acquired by a world-renowned electronic components group.


AUG relocates to Song Shan Lake, a national area of high technology development.

Cumulative shipments exceed 150 million pieces.


It was the year of technology revolution for mobile devices with more than ten million AUG LIB cells used in branded smartphones.


AUG acquires Dongguan NVT Technology Co., Ltd.


AUG LIB cells first used in tablets.


Ningde Amperex Technology Limited begins production.


Cumulative shipments exceed 1 billion pieces,becomes the global No.1 of li-lion polymer cell supplier.


AUG becomes the exclusive LIB supplier to the world's No.1 drone brand.


AUG fast-charge technology, developed over ten years, is widely adopted by the smartphone industry.


AUG has been the global No. 1 of Li-ion polymer cell supplier in terms of shipment for five consecutive years. Meanwhile, AUG group's battery pack shipment has made great strides by exceeding 100 million pieces.


Award/Title/Honor Time Granted/Approved by
Second Prize of Technology Invention Award Jan. 2008 Ministry of Education
CNAS Laboratory Certificate(in Chinese and English) Nov. 2008 China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, CNAS
Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award Dec. 2008 State Council
Dongguan Post-doctoral Research Center Aug. 2010 Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and National Post-doctor Management Committee
China Quality Integrity Enterprise Jan. 2012 China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association
Workers' Pioneer Apr. 2012 All-China Federation of Trade Unions
2012-2013 Demonstrative Enterprise for Transformation and Upgrading of Processing Trade Jul. 2013 Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China
Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan Nov. 2014 Ministry of Science and Technology
2015 Benchmarking Enterprise of National Electronic Information Industry Sep. 2015 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Ningde Post-Doctoral Research Center Jun. 2016 Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and National Post-doctor Management Committee

Standard Certifications

We can undertake battery product certifications in different markets worldwide in line with customer demands.